Guide for authors

  1. Important points to consider before submitting the manuscript:

  • Dear author, please study the "Terms and Conditions of Submitting Manuscripts" before submitting manuscript  to the journal website (
  • Please read the "Paper Preparation Guide" carefully and follow all the items. Note that if you do not follow the guidelines, the manuscript will not be included in the review process.
  • All submitted manuscripts are checked for similarity through Hamyab software to ensure their authenticity to be assured about its originality.
  • Having an (ORCID) for all authors is nessessary. Click here to get an ORCID code and registration for the code (ORCID).
  • Do not include the name or any information (such as e-mail) of the authors in the "manuscript main file" of the manuscript when submitting. The names of the authors will be included in the article file only at the time of revise and acceptance version.
  •  Name, complete affiliation and email of all the authors  should be send in the form of a file titled "Title page". This file should be include: the full title of the article, the name of the author or authors (the name of the corresponding author should be marked with an asterisk), academic rank and the name of the institution or university or the place of employment, the full address of the corresponding author including: telephone number and Electronic post (the email of the authors of the articles should be with the extension or
  • The names of the authors should be included without using the rank or scientific degree of the individuals. Also, the organizational affiliation of the authors should be entered correctly.such as (educational department, faculty, university (educational institution), city, country). 
  • The order of the authors in the website should be the same as the Title page file.
  • Completion and submission of the commitment form, conflict of interest and the authors information is mandatory (refer to the forms menu to receive the forms).
  •  The publication is free to reject, accept and edit the article.
  • The authors are responsible for the scientific content of the article. 


Manuscript Structure

Title: the article’s title must be precise and proportionate to the content of the article.

Author’s names: Regarding the inclusion of authors' names in the article file, pay attention to the following points

  • At the time of submitting the article, do not include the name or any information (such as e-mail) of the authors in the original file of the article separately. The names of the authors will be included in the article file only at the time of review and acceptance.
  • When sending the article file, send the name, complete affiliation and email of all the authors in the file format titled "Authors' Details".
  • The names of the authors should be included without using the rank or scientific degree of the persons.
  • The order of the authors in the authors' specification file and the system should be the same.

Persian abstract: minimum 200 words and maximum 250 words in a paragraph including introduction, purpose, method (examples and tools), findings and final conclusion.

English abstract: at least 200 words and at most 250 words, observing the compatibility of the Persian and English text

Text of the article: In setting up the text of the article, the content is organized according to the following headings:

  • Introduction: statement of the problem, goals, question(s) or hypothesis(es) of the research
  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Research background
  • Method: research method, data collection tools, data analysis techniques, statistical population, sampling size and method
  • Findings: Complete description of questions or hypotheses
  • Conclusion and discussion: Reviewing the research results and explaining the findings along with comparing the findings of other researches and theories and presenting a summary of the results and suggestions.
  • Acknowledgement: In this section, all the people who somehow contributed to the study but were not among the authors of the article are acknowledged, thanked and appreciated in this section. It is also necessary to mention the name of the organization (s) sponsoring or funding the research in this section.
  • Conflict of interest: Authors should clearly state any potential conflict of interest, such as receiving payment for the article, or obtaining stock or equity in an organization, that may be gained or lost through publication of the article. If there is no conflict of interest, add "Conflict of interest has not been declared by the authors" to the end of the article before thanking.
  • References: References used in the text of the article should be arranged according to APA rules (7th edition) as follows:
  • In-text citations should be written in English, preferably at the end of the sentence. The year of publication of Persian sources should be written in the Gregorian equivalent.
  • All quotations at the end of the text must be written in English. It is emphasized that you should strictly refrain from personal translation of the titles of Persian sources and remove the English equivalent of citing Persian sources from the source site. At the end of citing sources published in Persian, use the phrase [in Persian].
  • The citation method in this publication is in accordance with the APA model (version 7). To learn how to cite sources in this way, read the following guide: Guide to Writing References According to the APA Pattern (Edition 7)
  • Considering the new regulations of the Ministry of Science, if there is a doi and ID number, the reference link should be inserted at the end of the article.
  • One of the conditions for accepting an article is the use of recent Persian and English sources. (at least 60% of the sources in the last 5 years must be from valid journals)

Font and the number of words: The article must be typed in Word 2010, font BNazanin13, title of the article, title 16 (margins from top and bottom 2.5, left 2.5 and right 2.5 cm) maximum 18 typed pages (combined). (Articles up to 25 pages are allowed) and must be sent to the quarterly site along with a Latin abstract. In addition, the appendices of the articles such as tables, graphs, photos, etc. should be prepared with the desirable quality (you can also use the suggested word format). The length of the article should be somewhere between 6000 and 8500 words.

plagiarism detection
  • According to the directive of the Ministry of Science and emphasis on compliance, it is necessary to match the text of your article by referring to Samim Noor's website and send the report to the journal's email. (The percentage of similarity should not be more than 18 percent)
  • According to the notification number 602245 dated 16/03/2015 "Instructions for handling research violations and their examples" of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the order of the names in the articles extracted from the thesis is in order. The name of the student, supervisor and advisor.


Article proccessing Charges 

According to the meeting held by the licensee and the editorial board on 30/11/2021, in order to include a small part of the current costs of the publication and considering the impact of the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) the publication's privilege for students and researchers; And based on the executive instructions for financial support of scientific publications, it was decided that the acceptance and printing fee for each article is 5,000,000 Rials.

It should be noted that the articles will be published after editing and corrections are suggested by the editor.


This instruction does not include the articles assigned until 06/12/2021.