Journal Aims

The main purpose of the this Journal is to provide an intellectual environment for researchers to discuss their latest findings in the field of management and educational management. Therefore, it is hoped that this publication will improve the situation of this field in and provide solutions to theoretical and practical problems facing this field. In order to achieve this goal, we encourage researchers to submit their authoritative and unpublished articles to this journal for publication.

Journal Scope

1. Management
    • Organizational maturity in educational systems
    • Leadership in education
    • Organizational change management in educational organizations
    • Managing change and innovation in educational systems
    • Human resource management in educational systems
    • Management of educational institutions
2. Education Management
    • Educational affairs
    • Primary and preschool education
    • Secondary education
    • Higher Education
    • Nurturing and educational creativity
    • Cognitive science for better education
    • Educational innovation from the aspects of management science
    • Curriculum and development of social skills
    • Social thinking in education
    • Methods of teaching social studies
    • Sociological approach to education
    • Cognitive psychology and school learning
    • New technologies and school learning
    • Motivation and learning
    • Standardization and localization of tools related to school learning
    • Ethical, value and social aspects related to school learning
    • Memory, amnesia and learning transfer
    • New techniques and methods of teaching and learning
    • Independent learner and central learner and its role in promoting learning
    • Distance learning, virtual learning and e-learning
    • Theoretical and philosophical foundations of teaching and learning
    • New methods of evaluation in school learning
    • Classroom management
3. Other topics related to educational management

Article Types

  • Research Articles