Document Type : Original Article (Quantified)


Master, Faculty of Economics, Imam Sadegh University, Tehran, Iran


The aim of this study was to analyze the factors affecting the management of education in educational organizations with emphasis on the educational approach. The method of the present study was descriptive in the form of SWOT method. The statistical population of this research is all articles and researches related to this subject with emphasis on content sources of the last 5 years, which have been indexed by databases. The tool used was a researcher-made checklist of factors influencing education management. Using descriptive statistics, tables related to the factors affecting education management in educational organizations in two categories of external and internal factors as well as strategic factor analysis (SFAS) were presented. Findings of this study showed lack of attention to creativity, innovation and intellectual development of learners, the presence of professors, educators and teachers unfamiliar with the topics of education, lack of flourishing of learners' talents in the educational environment, more emphasis on theoretical courses and voluminous assignments and lack of motivation and moving learners is one of the main obstacles and factors in managing education in the organization. Therefore, to plan and reduce the adverse effects of these factors Solutions such as the use of new technologies in education, increasing the quality of support programs and services, equipment and educational space, increasing the quality of the scientific level of professors, educators, teachers and learners, continuous educational pathology and proportionality of professors, educators and Teachers used learners.


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